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About David O. Harris, Brummagem Bull Terriers



Dr David O. Harris


1942 – 2013


If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead,

either write something worth reading

or do something worth writing.

(Benjamin Franklin)



Bull Terrier Club | Trophy Weekend 2013

Mette Poulsen - David O. Harris - Marianne Duchwaider

The Bull Terriers lost their first knight and the widest and deepest knowledge base of the breed and its history, when David Harris - well-known breeder, judge and author - passed away after short illness on 24. October.


David grew up in Birmingham and perhaps that destined him to a life with Bull Terriers and a lifelong research in the history of the breed.

But though he grew up with dogs it was not until 1970 that he and his former wife, Anna Burke Harris, got their first Bull Terrier; Kearby's Candy Stride. Bess as she was called was bought as a pet, but she turned out to be second to none in terms of temperament, character and soundness and mated to Romany River Pirate, she produced the first of a long line of Brummagem dogs with immaculate character and temperament. Virtues also found in David’s last litter, which he decided to breed despite being diagnosed terminally ill.

No doubt that the close friendship and tutelage of the Romany ladies, Miss Montague Johnstone and Miss Williams, was a great source of inspiration to David throughout his life.


The superb Bull Terrier temperaments and his many books will be David’s legacy to the Bull Terrier world.


Though David’s love for Bull Terriers and dogs in general was beyond compare, he was so much more than Bull Terriers. He was a man of science - blessed with a sharper brain than most of us. A mind, which he constantly - until his very last days - fed new knowledge of science, literature, art, music, antiques, other cultures – you name it.

David was the most open minded person; I’ve ever met - as long as new ideas were based on facts and science. Small talk never had his interest. Every conversation was about gathering useful knowledge, discussing facts and generating new ideas and hypotheses.


He referred to himself as bionic man as he had quite a lot of artificial parts implanted, most likely due to his many years of playing rugby and later as a rugby judge. He had a keen interest in almost all sorts of sports.

David loved life - and he lived life. He did and experienced more than most people; did research, wrote a Ph.D., did sports on a high level, taught executive MBA, had a management career, travel all over the world, wrote many books etc. etc. He enjoyed life and he loved passionately.


David was also a true gentleman, civilized, fun and lively. And though he in general probably loved dogs more than people, he was the most caring, considerate, generous, giving and forgiving person to his close friends.


David will not be forgotten; because he indeed wrote things worth reading - and he did live a life worth writing.






In gratitude for having known him – and in despair of losing him.



Bull Terrier books by Dr David O. Harris


  • 1990 Full Circle - a History of the Colored Bull Terrier


  • 1998 Bull Terriers Today


  • 2008 The Bully Breeds


  • 2009 Bull Terrier (editor)




  • 2012 | Made in Birmingham - a history of the Bull Terrier

First printing: Limited Edition of 100, Perfect bound, May 2012 (green cover).

Second printing (with minor revisions): Edition of 80 Perfect bound, 20 Hardcover bound. August 2012 (maroon cover).

Third printing: Nederlandse Bull Terrier Club special edition of 50. September 2012 (blue photo cover).

Future fourth printing: 2nd. edition, 608 pages including addendum by David O. Harris. Limited edition of ? (according to preorder), Hardcover bound. November 2016 (green photo cover).



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