Made in Birmingham

2nd. edition including addendum by David O. Harris

Made in Birmingham - a history of the Bull Terrier


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Made in Birmingham - a history of the Bull Terrier

When David told me he was terminally ill, spring 2013, he asked me to take over the rights of his latest and most important book, Made in Birmingham, and to reprint it including an addendum, which he was working on.


It’s a great honour that he trusted me with his work and I’m proud that I have finally been able to live up to my promise.


We have only printed the 80 copies, which were pre-ordered. The book can no longer be ordered.

At the moment we do no plan to do another print.



About Made in Birmingham


Bo Bengtsen, Editor-at-Large of Dogs in review, calls the book:


A Magnificent Breed Book


Among other things, he writes:


Most breed books follow the path of least resistance: the author simply repeats commonly accepted "facts" about the breed, regardless of how loosely these may be founded in reality. Rarely does the author have the energy and know-how to conduct independent research and present anything like a complete picture of how the breed in question actually developed.


This is what makes David Harris' new book so unusual. I doubt that any other breed book is as complete in that particular respect as this one. Made in Birmingham outlines Bull Terrier development from humble beginnings in the early part of Queen Victoria's reign to its current position as an admired but frequently misunderstood icon of modern dog breeding worldwide.


Read Bo Bengtsen's full review of Made in Birmingham on:


About 2nd. edition - It's no longer possible to order


  • The book: Hard cover, A4 (21 x 29,7 cm, approx. 2,5 kg), with 608 pages including addendum by David O. Harris.

All copies were numbered by hand.

Language: English.

  • Price: 78 Euros.

Profits will be donated to a Bull Terrier rescue.

  • How to order: The book can no longer be ordered!

Only preordered and prepaid copies were printed.



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